Daily vocabulary for competitive exams.

1.Rift (N)-a break in friendly relations between people or groups of people. मनमुटाव 2.Consolidated (V)-to combine or unite. संगठित 3.Reluctance (N)-unwillingness or disinclination to do something. अनिच्छा 4.Overarching (Adj)-affecting or including everything. 5.Realignment (N)-the action of changing or restoring something to a different or former position or state. फिर से संगठित करना 6.Ousted (V)-drive out... Continue Reading →

Create Beautiful Photo and Video Slideshows with Animoto

Take your first step in Artificial Intelligence based video creation using Animoto in 2020. Welcome to this superb and impressive Udemy course on "Create Beautiful Photo and Video Slideshows with Animoto". Take charge and learn quick, amazing and easy methods for creating and editing powerful web and social media promo videos like a professional in... Continue Reading →

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