Daily Vocabulary for All Competitive Exams

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Daily Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams
VIGILANCE (ADJECTIVE): (जागरूकता): surveillance
Synonyms: attentiveness, attention
Antonyms: inattentiveness
Example Sentence: Security duties that demand long hours of vigilance.
EXORBITANT (ADJECTIVE): (अत्यधिक): extortionate
Synonyms: excessive, sky-high
Antonyms: reasonable
Example Sentence: Some hotels charge exorbitant rates for phone calls.
CONCRETE (ADJECTIVE): (ठोस): definite
Synonyms: specific, firm
Antonyms: vague
Example Sentence: I haven’t got any concrete proof of the killing.
DISBURSE (VERB): (व्यय करना): pay out
Synonyms: lay out, spend
Antonyms: claim
Example Sentence: $67 million of the pledged aid had already been disbursed.
INTRUSIVE (ADJECTIVE): (हस्तक्षेप करने वाले): intruding
Synonyms: invasive, obtrusive
Antonyms: low-key
Example Sentence: The reporter asked an intrusive question.
REPARATION (NOUN): (मरम्मत): amends
Synonyms: restitution, redress
Antonyms: impairment
Example Sentence: The courts required a convicted offender to make financial reparation to his victim.
PREVALENCE (NOUN): (प्रसार): currency
Synonyms: generality, pervasiveness
Antonyms: uncommonness
Example Sentence: The prevalence of sunlight led to a restriction of the windows.
DISCREET (ADJECTIVE): (विचारशील): careful
Synonyms: circumspect, cautious
Antonyms: indiscreet
Example Sentence: We made some discreet inquiries.
DEFUSE (VERB): (शांत करना): reduce
Synonyms: lessen, diminish
Antonyms: heighten
Example Sentence: The scheme taught officers how to defuse potentially explosive situations.
DIFFUSE (ADJECTIVE): (बिखरा हुआ): diffused
Synonyms: scattered, dispersed
Antonyms: concentrated
Example Sentence: The diffuse community which centred on the church.

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