The Hindu Vocabulary For All Competitive Exams | 10-09-2020

1. DIGNIFIED (ADJECTIVE): (प्रतिष्ठित): stately 
Synonyms: noble, courtly 
Antonyms: undignified 
Example Sentence: 
She is very famous for her dignified silence. 

2. DETAIN (VERB): (हिरासत में लेना): hold 
Synonyms: take into custody, seize 
Antonyms: release 
Example Sentence: 
Customs officers may detain goods for up to two days. 

3. RESILIENT (ADJECTIVE): (मज़बूत): strong 
Synonyms: tough, hardy 
Antonyms: vulnerable 
Example Sentence: 
Babies are generally far more resilient than new parents realize. 

4. ADHERE (VERB): (पालन   करना): stick 
Synonyms: comply with, stand by 
Antonyms: flout 
Example Sentence: 
It is wise to adhere to the rules of your parents. 

5. SEIZURE (NOUN): (अभिग्रहण): capture 
Synonyms: occupation, takeover 
Antonyms: restitution 
Example Sentence: 
The seizure of the Assembly building was an immediate decision. 

6. BICKER (VERB): (झगड़ना): squabble 
Synonyms: argue, quarrel 
Antonyms: agree 
Example Sentence: 
Many couples bicker over tiny issues. 

7. CLAMPDOWN (NOUN): (शिकंजा कसना): suppression 
Synonyms: prevention, stopping 
Antonyms: let go 
Example Sentence: 
A clampdown on crime is essential. 

8. PERIL (NOUN): (विपत्ति): danger 
Synonyms: jeopardy, risk 
Antonyms: safety 
Example Sentence: 
You could well place us both in peril. 

9. SUBMERGE (VERB): (डूबना): dive 
Synonyms: sink, plunge 
Antonyms: surface 
Example Sentence: 
The U-boat had had time to submerge. 

10. HARBOUR (VERB): (शरण देना): shelter
Synonyms: conceal, hide
Antonyms: hand over
Example Sentence:
He was suspected of harbouring an escaped prisoner.

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