What are some of the dark lessons that life showed you?

  1. You may forget the ones with whom you laughed, but you will not forget the ones with whom you wept.
  2. The ones who are the funniest are also the most painful.
  3. Suicide doesn’t mean there is no killer.
  4. Failure is the best teacher with only a few students.
  5. Many of us have to bury our dreams at a young age.
  6. Many of us lost our good years staying loyal to the wrong person.
  7. Your own parents will talk shit if you try to break their generational curses.
  8. You would stop smiling with a lot of people if you come to know what was said in your absence.
  9. You won’t feel hungry when the responsibilities are already draining your energy.
  10. Sometimes, the therapists actually need the most therapy.
  11. There might be a thousand ways to commit suicide, but nothing is more painful than to see yourself die slowly.
  12. Money isn’t everything but somehow eases. It is a magic carpet that can take you places.
  13. You might spend your whole life building up your character/soul, but the ones with the pretty looks will eventually win the love race.
  14. People care less about talent these days. To verify, check both, a model’s Instagram and a talented artist or so.
  15. You will see more hands with flashlights on a road accident than helping hands.
  16. Looks matter. Even if you disagree, they still matter. The same goes for money.
  17. Everyone is brave at typing, but the reality is utterly different.
  18. Growing up, you will realize college didn’t teach you the real-life skills.
  19. People might not take a picture with their teacher at the graduation ceremony who build up their career but will certainly take one with famous #hashtagers.
  20. I have seen girls wearing hijab and doing wrong and girls in tight jeans helping poor. It is the upbringing that shows. I have seen guys drinking but having a great heart and priests in the form of pedophiles. Don’t judge quickly.
  21. The one driving your expensive car often goes to his home by walk. The one building your luxury house often sleep on roads. The one delivering you pizza on time often takes only one meal a day. It is what it is. Life!
Photo by Alex Azabache on Pexels.com

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